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by: Tim Kelley

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June 24, 2017: Prince William Sound Granite And Corn

A unique place to summer ski is the ridge to the south of Hidden Bay on Culross Island.  The unique thing about this place is the smooth granite ramps you can hike up.  We don't have a whole lot of granite to hike on in Southcentral Alaska.  So it's neat to get a taste of what hiking is like in other places in the world.  And of course, after hiking up these granite ramps ... it's fun to ski back down.

Heading up from Hidden Bay.
  On top.  
  Skiing back down as far as the snow will take you.  
  A corn snow ski pole basket "doughnut".  


Mid May 2017: The 'Tween Season In Prince William Sound

When it comes to skinny skiing in May in Prince William Sound, you never know what you are going to get.  Crust snow.  Cold powder.  Corn.  Isothermal crud.  Sun-cupped summer snow.  I take a choice of skis with me.  Skate skis for crust.  Fish scales for corn and summer snow touring.  Fatter skis for early May cold snow.  I'm through trying to crust ski in the Sound this year.  On to summer snow/corn snow skiing.  There is a lot of snow this year, especially compared to the last three years.  So skiing in the Sound should be good until early to mid July or so.

Finally, a good amount of snow in PWS. Over 6 feet of snow at this spot. Returning to the mother ship after skiing.  I brought skate and fish scale skis to shore.  You never know the conditions until you get on the snow.
The north ridge of Culross Island has good snow coverage this year.  Because of low snow years I have not skied it since 2012.  Maybe this year (if other fun PWS trips don't keep me away).


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