The first World Championship of Spring Skiing !

The first Anchorage, Alaska cross country ski race in the month of May !

The first "Internet Race (iRace)" Cross-Country Ski Race in Alaska !  It's the ...


The World Spring Skiing Championships of the World

Official Results

Congratulations to the following winners in the 2004 World Spring Skiing Championships of the World!  Thanks to these racers, history has been made.  This was the first cross country ski race in Anchorage, Alaska to be held in the month of May.

  Now Anchorage can finally say: "Our cross country ski racing season goes from October to ... May!"  And all of the following skiers can now brag: "I did it ... I ski raced in Anchorage, in May !!"

Name Time Award Medal
JP Bergstedt 1:52:00 Division MJP Gold !!!
Svea Bergstedt 1:52:00 Division F0S Gold !!!
Randy Bergt 1:05:22 Division M4D Gold !!!
Rob Conn 1:05:25 Division M2 Gold !!!
Urban Enkvist 1:19:43 Division M2S Gold !!!
Trond Jensen 43:57 Division M3N Gold !!!
Tim Kelley 43:58 Division M4E Gold !!!
Scott McArt 39:18 Division S2M Gold !!!
Anne Mize 1:03:38 Division F6Q Gold !!!
Dick Mize 1:03:38 Division M8K Gold !!!
Cory Smith 39:11 Division S2S Gold !!!
Benji Uffenbeck 39:10 Division S2W Gold !!!
Adam Verrier 39:59 Division M1D Gold !!!
Dylan Watts 1:26:00 Division JOF Gold !!!

(Divisions are defined at the bottom of this web page)

Winner of the random drawing for the HUGE PRIZE !!

>>>   Benji Uffenbeck   <<<

BenjiWok.jpg (130622 bytes)


When:  Now.  And throughout the month of May (or until the snow melts).   You choose when you want to ski, and then time yourself around the course.  You then send your time by email to the official race marshal.

The Course:  Glen Alps to the old weather instrument shack near Powerline Pass and back.  The start is at the brown sign at the east end of the snow-fence corridor (see below)

 WCStartFinish.jpg (98017 bytes)

Originally a turn around stake near the base of Powerline Pass was going to be used.  Because snow has been melting at a rate of 4 inches a day (it's hard to keep a stake in the snow at that rate), the turnaround has been changed!  From the brown sign, ski up and around the old weather instrument shack, and then back to the brown sign.  Using a permanent marker as a turnaround will make for less potential confusion (ie. missing turnaround flags).

Here is what the old weather instrument shack looks like (you've probably skied by it many times).  You can see Powerline Pass in the distance.  If you find yourself climbing up towards the cornices of Powerline Pass - you missed the turnaround.  By a freakin' mile! WeatherThang.jpg (61559 bytes)

You choose your line going to the old weather shack and returning.  You must go around the shack (motion activated web cams are placed nearby to ensure compliance).

Entry Fee:  None.

Prizes:    Lots of cool prizes will be bought with the entry fees (see above).

Late breaking news ... there will be a prize!  Oh Yes!!!!  One KILLER prize!  A random drawing will be made from the finishers, and one VERY lucky skier will receive this Totally Sweeeet Electric Wok !!!  Electric, no sterno or burning sticks, how cool is that!  And it's 6 quarts!  That's one big-ass wok!  Oh yeah! SweetWok.jpg (100541 bytes) This gem was lost right after our wedding 18 years ago.  And unexpectably rediscovered during spring cleaning.  Mint condition!  The box has never been opened.  I must have breathed in too much dust down in the garage.  Cuz I'm out of my friggin' mind for donating this.  It's probably worth hundreds on ebay.  Damn, I hope I win it back!!   

How to report times:  Email the official race marshal - 1) when you skied the course, 2) your time, and 3) what the words are on the survey tape (if there is any) at the base of the shack.  Please report your time on the day that you ski the course.

Cheating:    Sure you can fudge your time, cheat, lie and deceive your fellow ski community members.  But if you do - you will be a total scum-bag destined to live in unbearable shame for the rest of your miserable life !!!  It's your choice.

Divisions:    There are lots of divisions.  Chances are very good that you will become the world champion in your division.

Results:    Results will be posted on this web page as they are received.

Strategy:    You can race this course as many times as you want.  You could wait until perfect conditions.  But what if they never come?  Or the course melts out?  Then the guys/gals that went out early and slogged slush just to finish will be world champions.  And you will be nothing.  A nobody !!

How can you call this a "World Championship"?: Everyone in the world is invited.  And they have all of the month of May to get here.  Duh ... dumb question!!!  

Why do this?:  Good question.  Because it's time we had a ski race in Anchorage in May.  Then skiers in Anchorage can say: "We ski race in Anchorage 8 months of the year, October to May".  In 2001 I did an APU time trial on Oct. 25.  I wasn't ready for it, and it hurt like hell.  But I did it so I could say: "I raced in Anchorage in October".  Now it's time for us to push the other end of the spectrum and be able say: "I raced in Anchorage in May".   So the bottom line: "Why do this?"  OK, I guess I just don't have a good answer.  Sorry!  :-)

More Questions?:  Email official race marshal.

Result Log

Name Time   Date Skied   Division Rank in Division


Tim Kelley 59:03* 4/30 M4E   Forerunner.  Unofficial time because ski was done in April.  Must be in May.
Scott Hauser   5/01 M1R   Ready to Retry (RTR)!  Attempt made.  Aborted due to nasty weather.
Becky Hauser   5/01 F1R   RTR
Wiley Bland   5/01 M2B   RTR
Brandy Bland   5/01 F1B   RTR
Benji Uffenbeck   5/01 S2W   RTR  Attempt made.  Aborted due to mechanical problems.
Tim Kelley 1:34:26* 5/02 M4E   "Slow going.  40's & rain.  On top of snow 98%.  Other 2% was break-through to knees!"  "Now I can say: I ski raced in Anchorage.  In May !!!"  You impressed?  I didn't think so!
Rob Conn 1:05:25* 5/03 M2   Rob did the long course (to the pole).  (5/05) Watch out, Rob be talkin' trash: "Rumor has it the RTR foursome would rather be "garage saleing" instead of skiing!"  No!  Is this true!?!  Has Wiley quit skiing and gone back to ... step aerobics !!! ???
Tim Kelley 43:58 5/03 M4E   Did the new/permanent course (to old weather station). "What a difference a day, and a freeze, makes!  Fun ride down.  Lots of tuck riding and open field skating on smooth crust.  Yee-haw!  Hey you guys in the M4E division ... top this!"
Adam Verrier 39:59 5/04 M1D Adam saw Benji, Cory and Scott skiing, he claims they looked "VERY SLOW!".  Sounds like a grudge match in the making!
Benji Uffenbeck 39:10 5/04 S2W   Benji unleashes the beast within.  Skied solo.  Course record to date.
Cory Smith 39:11 5/04 S2S   Cory and Scott duked it out side by side until the final sprint.  Then Cory "sticks it to the man!"
Scott McArt 39:18 5/04 S2M   Cory was wearing a GPS, which said he and Scott were going over 50 km/hr coming back.  50 km/hr, on 44mm skinny boards, no tracks, undulating terrain, rocks and bushes (and in Cory's case - lots of exposed skin)  ... that will get your attention !
Randy Bergt 1:05:22 5/04 M4D   This was a pre-run.  Next time (weather and job dependant) ... the Bergt-o-beast will be unleashed !!!  If not, Randy can still say: "Yeah dude, I'VE ski raced in Anchorage in May!"
Trond Jensen 43:57 5/05 M3N   Trond said snow conditions were getting touchy.
Ann Mize 1:03:38 5/05 F6Q   Ann and Dick readjusted the secret compliance web cam at the turnaround. 
Dick Mize 1:03:38 5/05 M8K Apparently a coyote had attacked it!  Ann and Dick report that the snow is melting fast.
Svea Bergstedt 1:52:00 5/07 F0S Father and daughter team skied in "less than perfect conditions".  But still had fun.
JP Bergstedt 1:52:00 5/07 MJP   1:06 to the turnaround.  Way to go!
Dylan Watts 1:26:00 5/07 JOF Dylan waged an epic battle with the slush serpents just to finish the course and be able to say: "I ski raced in Anchorage, in May!"  Well Dylan, you can now make this claim. Go ahead, brag to your buddies - you deserve the right to call them weanies for cutting the ski race season short!!
Urban Enkvist 1:19:43 5/08 M2S Urban couldn't be left out of the party.  On Saturday what snow was left on the course froze up, so Urban took advantage of this and skied the course.
<< YOU !! >>          

* = Long (flag) course times.  A new (weather station) course time would be approximately 10% less (???).  So Rob Conn's short course equivalent time might be around 58-59 minutes (though this is only a guess).


F0S Young women that have really cool names and a father that has the letters "J" and "P" in his name.
F1R Women 20-24 that are beautiful, red haired, left handed skier babes and married to a bad-ass ski racer / high school teacher
F1B Women 20-24 that are beautiful, brown haired skier babes and married to a bad-ass ski racer / high school teacher (who's ass they can kick in a classic race)
F6Q Women 30-34 that are the queen of Alaska masters racing and are married to a M8K
JOF Men that are young, Fast and tough, getting faster and tougher, and that the rest of the ski racers in town are afraid of.  Very afraid !!
M1R Men 30-34 that are bad-ass ski racer / high school teachers and married to beautiful, red haired, left handed skier babes
M1D Men 34-36 who came straight from a 5:15 AM, 2-hour, intense, interval running workout and skied Dead-tired
M2B Men 35-39 that are bad-ass ski racer / high school teachers and married to beautiful, brown haired skier babes (that can kick their husband's ass in a classic race)
M2S Men 35-39 that are first-year-dads, originally from Sweden and are frequently seen out spring skiing in Alaska
S2W Men 25-29 that came from a state that starts with "W" and who have married a beautiful skier babe from another state that starts with "W"
S2S Men 25-29 that are a single senior skier racing for the last time before becoming a married master skier
S2M Men 25-29 who followed a beautiful skier babe up to Alaska, but now hang out with Moose because their skier babe took off to Vet school
M2 Men 35-39
M3N Men 40-44 that are Norwegian ... very Norwegian!
M4D Men 45-49 that are work skippin' Ski-Dawgs and are married to a beautiful, blond skier babe
M4E Men 45-49 that own 3 Malamutes, are married to a beautiful Eskimo skier babe and have a 1994 Toyota Pickup for sale
M8K Men that are ageless, are the king of Alaska masters racing and are married to a F6Q
MJP Men that have the letters "J" and "P" in their name and that have a daughter with a really cool name
<<??>> <<Report your division if it is not listed above >>


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