Skiing Culross Island in Prince William Sound

Here are pictures from a trip Tim Miller and I did to Culross Island.  We left Friday night June 2nd and boated out of Whittier for 20 miles or so to Goose Bay on Culross Island in Prince William Sound.  We got up in the morning and skied up to ridge-top on Culross Island and then followed the ridge to the northeast to the highpoint of the Island.  The snow was quasi-crusted summer snow - firm enough for good travel up, and good turns coming down.

This map of a northwest section of Prince William Sound shows Whittier, and our ski-route, in red, on Culross Island. Here is a zoomed in view of our ski route on Culross Island. Tim Miller skis up to the heights of Culross Island.  Hidden Bay is below and a still-frozen lake can be seen in the distance.
Tim Miller looks out over the glassy waters of Port Wells. Tim K at the 2500' highpoint of the island. Stonegrinding ski bases makes your skis run faster.  So before a descent - find a smooth rock and grind your ski bases on it for a while!
From the highpoint there was a great panoramic view of Prince William Sound.
Tim Miller, maestro of shred, lets his skis do the talking. Tim K rides the island.
Another view of Hidden Bay on the east side of the island. Heading back, looking northeast, Culross Bay below. This shot shows the slope we descended from the island's highpoint.  Skating was pretty good in this area.
Tim Miller strides across a flat part of the Culross Island ridge.  Port Wells is in the background.
We left the boat in Goose Bay.  You can see it in this picture, it's the white dot in the bay just above Tim M's hand. Traversing back to tree line. By the time we got back into the trees the snow had softened enough to make good skiing through challenging terrain.  We were able to ski to within a few yards of the shore.
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