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Winter Trail and Spring Skiing Pictures - 2006

by Tim Kelley


Paradise Island Skiing in the Sound: Early June skiing on the spine of Culross Island.  The snow was quasi-crust, consolidated summer snow which made for good skiing up to the 2500' highpoint of the island.  And it was good snow for cutting turns coming back down.

Skiing Circles Around a Poet: The distinctive peak at the east end of Portage Lake is Bard Peak  This was a spring ski across Portage Lake, up the Burns Glacier, across the Whittier Glacier, down to Whittier, up over Portage Pass and then back across the lake ... the Bard Peak Circle.

Crust and Gravel Are a Good Combination: We didn't know anything about the Main Chugach Mountains Gravel Creek drainage until the day we skied there.  Now we know that it is a great place for spring skiing.

Springtime Visit to the Bergs: Photos from one of Southcentral Alaska's most popular crust skiing trips - up the Placer River Valley to the Spencer Glacier.

A Crust Ski Into the Past: Checking out old homesteader roads in the Eagle River Valley.

Kusko Cruising: Skiing village trails from Aniak to Bethel on the Kuskokwim River.

Chuathbaluk - Easier to Ski To Than Pronounce: A 36 mile "truck trail" day trip on the Kuskokwim River out of Aniak.

Taiga 'Til Yer Tired: 50 miles of swamp skating on the Trapper Lake - Rabideax Trail.

Mark Doner sent me these two pictures and a description of a cool spring skiing trip:

"We parked at Troublesome Creek (about mile 137) and skied down the creek to the Chulitna River, upstream about 4 miles to the Tokositna, then up the Tokositna to the trail east back to Mile 131 parking lot. We had a hitchhike back to the car, but I'm scheming on a better way to close the loop. It was a total of about 28 miles skiing right at the foot of the Alaska Range - very nice! The trail to mile 131 is off the north end of the Swan Lake swamp (look for a cabin on the ridge), but there is also another trail back to the road (at mi 127 I think) a little further south that could make for a little longer tour."

Good one Mark !

Chasing Beluga on Skis: Two ski trips (one recon 40 miler, one successful 60 miler) to get to Beluga, Alaska (population: 26) and back.

A Good Possession for Skiers: Skiing to Pt. Possession, the northernmost point of the Kenai Peninsula, from Captain Cook State Park (60 mile overnighter).

WTC and LSDA are A-OK: Skiing the Willow Trail Committee (WTC) groomed multi-use trails and Snowmo-Skiing on the Lower Susitna Drainage Area (LDSA) groomed trail that goes down the Susitna River and up the Yentna River.

Skiing in Musherville, USA: Checking out the Talkeetna Mail Trail and Intertie area.  There is a reason many big name mushers live in the Willow area ... these trails.

Ice Roads, Mile-Long Tunnels, Forbidden Trails and Abandoned Cabins,  Pictures from exploring the Lower Susitna Drainage by skis (and a bit by use of Nordic Blades).

[2005]  Give the Sport of SkiFishalon a Try: Combining cross country skiing and ice fishing (with a touch of snowmobiling), this is a good way to explore the Susitna Valley.

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