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Trails That Never End - ebook


Trails That Never End - Overview

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This ebook presents an inside view of a niche ski sport - long distance backcountry skiing on ultra-light gear.  The name of this ebook is: "Trails That Never End".  And it's subtitled: "Traveling Alaska on the Lightest of Skis".  This ebook is about skiing Alaska's longest winter trails.  And it's about doing this while skiing on cross country racing skis - "the lightest of skis."

Trails That Never End is a photo-documentary of skiing the 1000 mile Iditarod Trail, the 1000 mile Yukon Quest Trail, the 440 mile Kobuk 440 Trail, skiing from Kaktovik to Arctic Village across the Brooks Range, skiing Iditarod qualifier sled dog race trails and more.  Most of these ski trips I did with fellow Alaskans Bob Baker or Tim Miller.  The Iditarod trip was the first human-powered race from Anchorage to Nome.  And the skis of the Quest and Kobuk were the first known ski traverses of these trails.

Ninety five percent of the content in this ebook you will not find on my Alaska Backcountry Cross Country Skiing web site.  It is a large ebook: 44 MBs, with over 700 color images.   If you were to print out this ebook in PDF format, it would be around 490 pages.  So, it's a lot of "bytes per buck".  It's the "eBook That Never Ends"!

If you like reading my web site, then you will probably enjoy reading this ebook.  The stories of these ski trips are a mix of route descriptions, tales of the challenges encountered, insights and tips for fellow winter trail travelers and numerous anecdotes about the places we skied to and the people we met.

Trails That Never End - Timothy F. Kelley
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