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by: Tim Kelley

Ski Season 2022-23: Ski Someplace New.  Share.  Repeat (for 20 years).

This will be the 20th year that I've posted ski trip reports on this web site.  For two decades now my modus operandi has been to find new places to ski on xc racing skis and then share information about the trail or crust skiing venue I visited.

The goal of all of this, besides me having fun, is a knowledge base that Southcentral Alaska cross country skiers can use for ideas of new places to ski at.  This website is that knowledge base.

Providing a bigger picture of where skinny skis can take you helps the sport.  Too much time spent only skiing your local trails can lead to boredom and skiing-malaise.  Skiing at new places fosters enthusiasm and keeps your engagement with xc skiing vibrant and healthy. 

I hope this spring skiing season is half as good as last year was.  Spring crust skiing in 2022 was epic!

No skiable snow in Anchorage in September this year.  So, no "9 month ski season" in Anchorage like last year.


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