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by: Tim Kelley

Ski Season 2023-24: Changes

There is now a search bar under the header of the web pages on this site.  This should make it easier to search the 20 years of ski trip information on this website ... for ideas on new places where you might want to try skiing.

This fall and winter I will be spending less time in Alaska.  And more time living in a van down by the river.  Well, more likely ... in a van down by a dry stream bed.  In the desert.  With with my wife, mountain bikes and running shoes.

So ... there coul be some fairly long periods of inactivity on this website this ski season.  In early spring we plan on driving our van back to Alaska, from Utah to Anchorage, with a side trip to Yellowknife.  We plan on sampling new backcountry xc skiing spots along the way.  I will post skiing-related pictures and commentary from this road trip.

Living in a van down by a river ... of ice.
(Salmon Glacier, BC, accessed via Hyder, AK)
Fall 2023: Random Early Season Pictures ...

Tips from my Norwegian girlfriend* on how to get ready for ski season ...

Do core strengthening exercises. Train with friends. Do bounding intervals.
  Strive for a healthy diet.  

* Norwegian Fjord Horse


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