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by: Tim Kelley

Early February 2019: Some Short, But New (For Us),Trails In The Su Valley

Happened across a couple of short trails in the Su Valley that my wife or I hadn't skied before.

The first one was a trail from the K'esugi Ken campground at Milepost 135 on the Parks Highway to the Lower Troublesome Creek pull-out.  Looks like a park ranger with a wide track snowmobile packed this trail from the K'esugi Ken Campground/ Curry Ridge Trail to Lower Troublesome Creek and back.  The trail had flagging all the way, so it is apparently an established route and not just a random snowmobile track.  I messed up with my phone and had the GPS turned off.  So no GAIA route info.  And the route was not marked on the trail maps at the campground.  My guess is that the trail is about 5 miles one way.  The trail skied nicely.

Also, while skiing the X-Y Lake Trails in Talkeetna, I noticed a trail called the "Erratic Loop" had been dragged.  I skied this trail and checked out the big 30 foot tall(?) glacial erratic it goes by.  Cool trail.

The red line on the above map shows the general location of this trail between the K'esugi Ken campground and Lower Troublesome Creek on the Parks Highway.  Gradual grades through mixed forest.  Nice classic skiing.

Expand the map above to see the Talkeetna Glacial Erratic Loop (marked in black).  If you feel the urge, you can scramble up the erratic from the south side (north side is shown above).
Early February 2019: Emerging from the fog, of illness

My wife and I got tagged with the 6 week, endless-cough flu that's been going around.  No fun.  Attempts at skiing have often been punctuated with coughing and gagging spells.  What a joy.  Getting back on top of things now.  So hopefully start recovering lost fitness and getting some ski trips in.

Winter 2018/2019: No new ski trips yet ...

A change this year is that our ski trips will sometimes be supported by a campervan, that we recently drove up from the Lower 48.  The campervan should help us increase our range and ski at new locations.  The next chapter ... xc ski trips, based out of a "van down by the river"!

Wildlife seen on the way to Alaska.
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