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Modifying 2008-2013 Salomon Pro Combi Ski Boots
By Tim Kelley

January 2009 Update:  My pair of 07-08 Salomon Pro Combi ski boots came apart at the toes of the boot.  Salomon was nice enough to replace them with their 08-09 model.  With the new 08-09 boots Salomon added a semi-rigid insert in the tongue of the boot.  This makes sense, it protects foot tendons from pressure from the the speed-lace system.  BUT - Salomon made the tough stiffener too long, and pointed at the end.  When I skated in these boots they felt great.  But then I took them on a 3 hour classic ski ... and came home with bloody toes.  Not good.  When I classic skied with these boots the pointy end of the tongue stiffener dug into the top of my second to smallest toe, on each foot.  So, I decided to shorten the tongue stiffeners in these boots.  Now I have a pair of boots that are comfortable for all techniques.  I figured I'd take pictures and show folks how to do this in case others have the same problems with these boots as I did.

First, pull the tongue of of the boot. Then cut a small incision about 1 inch above the end of the tongue stiffener. Pull the fabric away from the tongue stiffener and peel it back a little ways. Using clippers, cut off the end of the tongue stiffener. Here is the pointed end of the tongue stiffener.  I'm glad it's not going to be digging into my toe any more!  You should go ski in your boots and see if they fit okay, or if you will have to trim some more of the stiffener off.

This is why I returned my 07-08 Salomon Pro Combi ski boots.  While skiing in cold temperatures (-10 F to - 25 F) the toe started cracking and delaminating.  Older Salomon combi boots used to rivet and glue the toe to the sole.  Now they use glue alone.  Probably the same Chinese glue that is used in soccer shoes made for use at 80 - 90 degrees F.  Who knows.  Hopefully this toe blow-up is not the fate of the 08-09 combi boots.  Update:  This problem still persists in the 2013 models.

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