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Vintage 1970s Cross Country Skiing Gear Ads

During the 1970s the sport of cross country skiing experienced a a boom in equipment manufacturing.  Many companies jumped in and tried their hand at making and selling xc skis, boots, poles, bindings and accessories.  But now most of these companies are out of the xc business, and fading memories.  From old magazine ads, this web page strives to resurrect awareness of many of these mostly forgotten cross country skiing gear brands.

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1979 ski review photo.  Companies represented above that no longer make xc skis are in italics:  Elan, Adidas, Rossignol, Trak, Kneissl, Landsem, Benner, Splitkein, K2, Edsbyn, Epoke, Skilom, Fischer, Kuusisto, Titan, Bonna, Karhu

Adidas Aomori Asnes Asnes Asnes
Blizzard Bonna Bonna Bonna Edsbyn
Edsbyn Edsbyn Elan Elan Elan
Elan Elan Epoke Epoke Epoke
Epoke Jarvinen Karhu Kastle Kneissl
Kneissl Kneissl Landsem Lovett (Made in Boulder, CO) Normark
Normark Norwegian skis: Asnes, Bergans, Madshus, Bonna, Epoke, Landsem, Normark/Troll, Skilom, Splitkein Pioneer (Made in USA) Silva (Made in USA) Silva (Made in USA)
Skilom Skilom Skilom Splitkein Splitkein
Splitkein Summit Summit Sundins Sundins, Elan
Trak Trak Trak
Skier is Dave Thomas, Dartmouth Ski Team, 1979
Viking (Unfinished Skis) Viking (Unfinished Skis)
Lovett - fiberglass cross country racing skis made in the US (Boulder, CO).  Hexcel and K2 also made xc racing skis in the US. Adidas "keel" ski Bergans "Torpedo" skis Kastle modular waxless
  Clippings from1974 REI catalog: First Fischer fiberglass xc skis (Europa 77s).  Last hurrah for wooden racing skis: Tronderski, Madshus, Blaskia, Sundins.  Top of the line wooden racing skis at REI for $25 - $50.  
Adidas Adidas ( $37.95 a pair ) Adidas Adidas Adidas
Alpha Alpha Edsbyn Fels (Made in Maine) Haugen
Heierling Heierling Norboot Norrona Onitsuka, Sixtens
Skilom Skilom Sixtens Sixtens Suveren
  Dynafit Trak Trak  
  Liljedahl Liljedahl Moon  
  First Exel carbon fiber pole  
Dovre Edsbyn Geze Jenex  
AFRC - Pioneers in lycra for xc skiing. AFRC = "Annie Fannie Racer Chaser" Bonne Bell Bonne Bell
Road-ski Road-ski Kochie Road-ski Ad Our bible in the '70's Jack Rabbit Wax
Kodak "Medals for Miles" Protogs Lifa Lifa Lifa
No thanks.  I'll wait a couple of years until inline skates are invented. Ding-a-ling ! Ski-Imit Long Live The Bongo Board! 70's XC had Hookers!
  1977 Kochie Fischer Ad Poster for the First F.I.S. World Cup Cross Country Ski Races - Dec. 20-21, 1978 - Telemark, WI. 1978 Kochie Rossignol Ad  

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